Nicholas McBride - Actor

Nicholas McBride

Actor - Singer - Entertainer

About Nicholas

Nicholas is a trained British actor currently living in London.

He trained at East 15 Drama School graduating in 2008 with an MA in acting for Film, Television and Radio. Under the guidance of Ed Hicks, Gordon House, and Richard Ryder & David Blount.
He also graduated from Winchester University in 2002 with a degree in Performing Arts.

Nicholas has performed internationally in Australia, Egypt, Russia, Hong Kong & Europe.

Currently, he is performing in Hong Kong until mid-December 2016.
By travelling all over the world he has had the opportunity to experience many different people from different cultures, and see some exceptionally beautiful parts of the globe.
As well as his passion for acting, for many years Nicholas has worked successfully as a professional singer, covering all genres from Rock and Pop to Musical Theatre & Swing.
He is a keen scuba diver when the opportunity presents and would one day like to become an expert in shark whispering.


Nicholas McBride's Showreel

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Spotlight CV & Link

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